Something in the Air


Daniel thought war was tough. That was till he fell in love.

What if it’s true that you can never really go home? Returning from a soul-crushing war, Daniel Dragan is determined to put the past behind him. But with his beloved uncle dead and the town’s economy in a slump, there may not be much to keep him in San Prospero, California.

That is till he is startled by veterinarian Willow Dixon at the roadside lookout above their hometown’s new factory.

A desperately needed job offer there may offer Daniel the chance he needs – but all is not as it seems at the factory and Willow, determined to save the inhabitants of her animal sanctuary, wants the factory’s operations stopped. Sometimes the road home is neither the one we expect. Nor the one we left behind…

Something in the Air is a short story in the soul-stirring collection from Ben Starling. Read an excerpt here.

BEN blue_actors headshot sq_AUG2015Or click here to listen as Ben reads this excerpt aloud.


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2 thoughts on “Something in the Air

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