About Ben

blazerBen is a multi award-winning public speaker, and author.

He has featured as an expert commentator on the BBC, Sky News, BBC Radio World News Service, Scottish Hospital Radio, and on international broadcast radio networks.

He has spoken before corporate leaders, engineers, doctors, lawyers, finance executives, politicians, academics, MBA students, postgraduates, entrepreneurs, leaders in the not-for-profit sector and many more. Ben inspires in London, across the UK, and abroad.

Prior to his work as a professional speaker, Ben worked for a blue-chip investment bank, in venture capital, and as an entrepreneur.

In 2019, he was selected as a  Gold Ambassador by the world’s largest public speaking association, and also received their prestigious Triple Crown Award.

Ben graduated from Oxford with a Master of Arts (Oxon), and a Master of Philosophy in Business Management.


And just for fun: 

A moment from Ben’s brief but very enjoyable acting career long ago… Ben was featured in a Suntory Whiskey advertisement while at Oxford University. This period piece was filmed after the release of  ‘Chariots of Fire’ and was set in a ‘1920s’ era style. (Ben is the boxer on the left.)

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26 thoughts on “About Ben

  1. Thanks for liking my children’s book Grum page, really appreciated that from such a great author. It is great you still look out for the lil guys. Your availability and true integrity will carry your authenticity through your art and will ignite a pure connection to the world, a rare hero.Thank-you again.


  2. Thanks so much for finding me on Goodreads. I am now following you here and there. When I read that you were interested in marine conservation, it really hit home because I live on the Gulf Coast and I love the water, the beaches and all the critters that live there. I am not an avid boxing fan, but I used to never miss a fight with Muhammad Ali. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. He had the goods to back up his braggadocio. I too will read almost anything. I never know where I will find that hidden gem. I look forward to hearing what you are up to. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Hi Ben, I thoroughly enjoyed your first two novels and am eagerly awaiting the third! Your underlying theme of ocean conservation is fantastic. Great to see an author helping spread the word. PS. Love the Suntory Whiskey ad!


  4. I was recommended your book by Diane. Something in the water is a great read by the way. I was hoping you might write something with more boxing in it. I represented Brasenose for a spell in the 70s 😄. I see you like go box …a quintuple blue…wow. I’d love to know more about your Oxford days.


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