Bestselling Author Alice Kuipers on her new release!

Bestselling and award-winning author Alice Kuipers took time out from her busy schedule (which now includes a monthly literary segment for CTV Morning Live!) to answer a few questions for us about her new release Me (and) Me.

Welcome Alice! What’s your newly released book about?

Me and Me is the story of seventeen year old Lark on the day she has to make an impossible choice. Because she can’t decide who to save–her boyfriend or a young child-her life splits into parallel lives with huge consequences.

Who will it appeal to?

So far teenagers and adults have been warmly responding to the book–I love to write for Young Adults, but I think a lot of adults enjoy reading YA novels and so this book might appeal to them too.

What’s the “story behind the story”? (How did you come up with this idea?)

I started writing this story twenty years ago when I was first attempting a novel. I wrote it about me–or, rather, a version of me who split into two. It was only when the character of Lark Hardy came into my head that I realize the story I’d been trying to tell for years could finally be told. Lark is feisty, fun, cool, and yet paralyzed by the choice in front of her. She was the perfect character for this book.

How long did it take to write?

Twenty years! Well, from the first idea to getting the book on the page it was twenty years, but there were lots of books in between. I stopped writing this book for many years and when I got back to it, the book took about two and a half years from first sentence to published book.

Was there anything unique about your research or work method for writing this particular novel?

I had to learn a lot about the passions Lark has–she’s a singer songwriter, so I interviewed singer songwriters, and listened to a lot of music, and Lark is also interested in parkour. I asked the local parkour community lots of questions, watched them, and immersed myself in YouTube videos of people doing parkour.

How do you see media handling of novels evolving these days? Is there anything different about the way you communicated this novel to your audience compared to your previous works?

A local filmmaker made a book trailer for this book. I noticed that lots of people viewed this and shared it on their social media streams. A book trailer is a glimpse into what the novel might be like and what interested me was that the filmmaker cast Lark and Alec so perfectly that it made me feel like the characters had come alive.

I’ve also done more media than I have done in the past for this novel, which has been fun. I worked with a local publicist which was a great way to connect with people in my home town of Saskatoon. Normally I work with publicists located in Toronto or New York, who have less time to reach out to the prairies.

Which Hollywood stars would you like to see in the movie version of this novel? (and why?)

I think, if a movie were to be made of this book, I’d like to see unknown actors take on the roles. The book is about how we make choices–and I think that is something all of us have to deal with all the time. Who would we be if we’d done one tiny thing differently? What would it be like to encounter ourselves if we could cross into our parallel life–if there were one? I’d like the movie to reflect that everyone/anyone feel of the novel.

What are you working on next?

I have a YA novel that I’ve just finished that’s being edited right now. I’m launching an online course for people who want to write Middle Grade or YA novels. I’m writing a memoir of Toronto teenager Carley Allison. I’m finishing edits on the second chapter book in my new chapter book series coming out with Chronicle Press in the spring of 2018.

I’m surprised by all the projects I have happening, but the way the publishing industry works for me seems to be that–while it sounds like I’m doing ten things at once–each project gets the time it needs. Some are slow, some are fast. Some have deadlines. Some don’t. All of it falls into place. I share updates about my writing life, and tips about how other people can get writing too, through my newsletter and free online course. Find all that at

Where can we get a copy?!

At Amazon!


Kuipers has recently released Me (and) Me in Canada, and it’s set for release outside of Canada in Fall 2018. It has received accolades in the Canadian media.

“Haunting and mysterious, this is a powerful book about love, life and choices. Both page-turning and thought-provoking, Kuipers deftly tells a lyrical tale that’ll keep you questioning reality right up to the very end.”
Arthur Slade


AliceBestselling author Alice Kuipers has published five award-winning YA novels internationally, most recently, Me and Me, described by Bif Naked as mesmerising. Her two picture books feature twins Violet and Victor, and she has an upcoming chapter book series with Chronicle Press. She is writing a memoir about teenager Carley Allison with Kids Can Press. She has had stories produced for CBC and essays published in Bristol Review of Books and Easy Living magazine. She blogged for Today’s Parent, and The Huffington Post. Alice’s work is published in 34 countries. She has four children.

Alice’s website is full of tips and hints for writers. Find her here: or online.

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