Things I love about the USA

Recently, I renewed my passport and it got me thinking about my favorite things about the States and being American. About New York, where I was born. Got me feeling pretty poetic in fact…

Things I love about the USA

I love the States, where I was born,

But where to start? I’m somewhat torn.

So here, in no particular order,

By a consummate happy memory-hoarder:

The electric bustle of a Manhattan street,

A salt-rimmed Margarita in the Key West heat.

Cerulean skies that flood your mind,

Folks so open, strangers so kind.

Bronzed waffles freestyling in maple syrup,

Grizzled cowboys, scuffed boots, a gleaming stirrup.

MoMA, the Met, the Guggenheim,

The late-great Shel Silverstein’s command of rhyme.

A velvety cab sauv from the Napa Valley,

Seals a-lolling on the beaches of Cali.

Monument Valley and a sun-scorched pinnacle,

A Louisiana steamboat captain’s binnacle.

That jiggle-tailed rattler, an inquisitive racoon,

The Berkshires and Cascades in the first days of June.

Levis, baseball caps, slacks and tuxedos,

Button-down collars, white Spandex Speedos.

Partying with friends at the end of the day,

Listening to (Sitting on) the Dock of the Bay.

Dolphins cavorting in a quivering ocean,

Hawaiian Tropic’s utterly smelltastic lotion.

The Grand Canyon’s meandering 277 miles,

Those perfect teeth, those gleaming smiles.

A prowling gator in the Everglades,

The pomp and palette of a victory parade.

The Statue of Liberty, New York,

Griffith Park (LA) for an evening walk.

Funky Florida and Walt Disney’s world,

Ben and Jerry’s Save our Swirled.

Hollywood’s shiny Walk of Fame,

The Hudson River, where Sully landed his plane.

Four presidents carved in South Dakota stone,

Endless deals on your mobile phone.

The mountains known as Blue Ridge,

The rusty red Golden Gate Bridge.

New Orleans and All that Jazz,

The Superbowl’s rambunctious razzmatazz.

Cape Cod in the blazing summer,

Munching popcorn to Dumb and Dumber(er).

Cool San Francisco’s stepped streets,

Cooler blues with its soporific beats.

The fall leaves that gently dapple,

Apple pie in the Big Apple.

Go crazy on the 4th of July,

In the city a mile high.

I miss the States a whole lot,

East or west, cold or hot.

Yes, my new passport needs dusting,

And my schedule adjusting.

The industry that made us Citizen Kane,

Massachusetts, Oregon, Hawaii, Maine.

I better book a liner or plane,

To be free of London’s endless…sunshine.

…And come home to America again.


Got a great memory of the US? What’s your favorite memory?

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