Top Secret

I was stunned to find that I’ve already been offered my first supporting artiste job! I’ll be on set today learning the ropes.

Usually the calls to set can be quite early. But I’ve even lucked in to a relaxing mid-morning start. Which is good news as I want to make a good first impression and punctuality is key. (I would have been up at 4am if needed, but didn’t have to this time!)

Top Secret

Maintaining content confidentiality prior to release is very important to producers. They want and need to prevent any content leaks from site — so no cameras, no mobile phones, no recording equipment of any kind on set. Also I won’t be able to describe anything that happens on set or any details of production. There are strict waivers to be signed to ensure this.

New Places, New Faces

I am looking forward to meeting new people – apparently supporting artistes come from all walks of life. What other careers allow for the kind of schedule flexibility needed for this job? Academics? Drama students? Carers? Pilots? I’ll soon find out.

Get Ready, Get Set…Wait!

My research also tells me that most of my time on set will be spent waiting for the great moment to begin. I’ll be given a mark to stand on, told what small action to perform…and then wait for that great moment to arrive. With lighting checks, organising what can often be large groups and many other kinds of preparation, I understand this can take quite a while.

Not to worry – it’s gonna be great!

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