More Ben-isms…


A flashy plugin?

More Ben-isms

Tried to watch a demo video on recommended by Emma Watson but my flash plugin failed.

I need to find someone with the Surname “Best”, who lives abroad and owns a bookshop. When they sell a copy of my book, I’ll be able to write “International Bestseller” on the cover.

Only by diving deep…can you surface.

Impressive-sounding-word-of-the-day (to casually insert into a conversation with a literary agent or publisher): heterodiegetic. (Don’t worry – I’ve forgotten what it means and they won’t know either.)

Dear manufacturers of kitchen smoke alarms…that’s just the way I cook.

Wow! 629 people have added “Something in the Water” to their to-read lists. There must be something in the air…

The only affirmation you will need: I affirm that affirmations are good for you.

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