#1 most requested Goodreads Giveaway! – Only a few hours left to enter to win


#1 most requested Goodreads Giveaway

in the Suspense category!


#7 most requested Giveaway in Contemporary!

Something in the Water

by Ben Starling

Don’t miss your chance to win a FREE copy – today is the last day to  enter to win.


Open to residents of all countries

(Giveaway ends tonight!)

Something in the Water

The sealed box Teal finds in the street contains more than just a mystery…

What if to be with the man of your dreams…you had to give up your life? On the verge of losing her job, side-lined journalist Teal Douglas is forced to travel to the South Pacific to profile a powerful businessman. But with her almost-but-not-quite fiancé Bear discouraging her every step of the way, she may not be able to save her career or her relationship.

When corporate criminals invade paradise, Teal teams up with former boxer turned marine biologist Perry Stanley to investigate. When she discovers the true intentions behind the new fishing operations, Teal must either accept the plum promotion that will save her career or—with Perry—defend the island with more than her life.

Something in the Water, An Ocean Romance is a full length novel in the soul-stirring collection from Ben Starling.

Read the first chapter here!



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