8 Steps To Fitness For Writers

8 Steps

Kath Dell logo_28OCT15Katherine Dell has published 8 Steps to Fitness For Writers, by Ben Starling at her site.

In this article, Ben talks about the importance of a healthy body for a healthy mind, and eight ways to support a writers’ fitness plan…

“A fit body gives more energy, more thinking power…and builds a winning confidence that can feed into all areas of a writer’s life. “

Read the whole article here.

BEN blue_actors headshot sq_AUG2015Ben Starling is passionate about marine conservation and boxing, both central themes in recently released novel, Something in the Water. He boxed competitively until recently and continues to coach. He graduated from Oxford University with a Master of Arts and a Master of Philosophy. www.ben-starling.comBlank bookcover with clipping path

Something in the Water is available now on Amazon.



2 thoughts on “8 Steps To Fitness For Writers

  1. Brilliant article! Enjoyed every word. Some really great ideas, too. Unfortunately, writing does involve sitting for hours each day, so getting the body moving and the blood flowing is an integral part of a writer’s life. I walk for 40 mins on a treadmill every second day, first thing in the morning. At least, that’s the plan. But, things come up, such as your teenage son walking back through the front door at 6.45am because he’s missed the bus, so now you have to drive him to school. By the time you get back you’ve already lost the first two hours of the day, work beckons, and exercise gets put off. So, for me, the marking on the calendar would be a great way to motivate ‘catch up’ sessions. I checked out the treadmill desk… Mmm, not sure about that. It does kill two birds with one stone, though I’m not sure I could keep my writing concentration levels at max peak while trying not to trip over my own feet. Good luck with that one, Ben!


    • I understand that it’s best to start with small amounts of gentle walking with the walking desk treadmill interspersed with seated work, and then build up a little more each day. Yann Martel apparently does several hours a day – sounds like a lot! Something to aspire to.

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