Melisa’s Question

melisa flower

Sarah Noffke has published Melisa’s Question, by Ben Starling at her site. In this article, Ben talks about the inspiration behind his newly released novel, Something in the Water.

“Have you ever felt a subtle pressure, heard a distant voice that undermines your Western rational-scientific upbringing? Ever had powerful dreams, fortuitous timings, Jungian synchronicities, or precognition? Maybe you experienced “the zone”, been surprised by tarot, or had some other extraordinary other-worldly experience? All my life, I have. And I ignored them.

I’ve lived my life aware of, but not consciously acknowledging that something different was going on. That was until three years ago. When everything changed…”

Read the whole article here.

Something in the Water is available now on Amazon.

LO ebook - Something in the Water

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