Booklist Reviews “Violet and Victor Write The Most Fabulous Fairy Tale”

V&V cover_Kuipers_19JAN16“Violet and Victor are back in this follow-up to Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book (2014). The twins (Violet is six minutes older—it’s important) are once again at odds. Creative, exuberant Violet wants to write “the most fabulous fairy tale in the history of fairy tales,” while pragmatic Victor (“Talking frogs don’t exist”) wants to write about real amazing animals from Australia. Piece by piece and with more than a little arguing—the twins cobble together a story that showcases both. The mixed-media illustrations are dynamic and fun. The fantastical elements are portrayed as cut-paper collages: a dragon is folded from a map, a castle is designed with layered storybook pages, and more. Violet’s contributions are hand lettered on purple paper, while Victor’s are orange, making it easy to keep track of which twin writes which part. The siblings may spat, but they make a good team: as soon as their fictional selves fly off on a large cockatoo (because dragons don’t exist), it’s clear that all will be well.”

– Booklist

Kuipers_headshotBestselling author Alice Kuipers moved to Saskatoon from the UK in 2003. She has published four award-winning YA novels internationally, most recently, The Death of Us. Her first picture book is called Violet and Victor Write The Best Ever Bookworm Book.

Find her here:


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