Ben-isms: New Round Up


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Only when, with open arms, I welcomed fear into my life…did it choose to leave.

Conundrum of the day: Socrates said that the only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing. But if you know you know nothing, then you know something and cannot have true wisdom.

No one was ever conned by someone they disliked.

It upsets me the way people use clichés like they’re going out of fashion.

The time has finally come – I am going to have a sex change!! I am moving from Wessex to Sussex.

I have reached that point in life when I have more answers than questions. The problem is, the most common answer is, “Don’t bother asking questions as there is no answer.”

Bought one of those forehead thermometers. Followed the instructions. Nothing happened – no temperature reading. Tried again. No reading. Adjusted it. No reading. If you don’t hear from me again…

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