Ben-isms: October Round Up

Oct post morgue

I love a harvest moon…

Having a productive morning compiling a list of all the things I won’t get done today.

Wrap up your past and you’ll unwrap a perfect present.

Why does it take 20 minutes for a photo sent from my iphone to arrive in my laptop gmail? They are only 2 inches apart.

At the heart of the matter lay a matter of the heart.

I’d be a polymath if I could do sums.

The dust dragon is on her final warning: she has started building a nest under my bed again.

How to improve pizza: Cook. Remove from oven & fold in half (topping to topping). Place in fridge overnight. Eat as pizza sandwich.

A seductive voice is whispering in my ear – making promises I know she can keep. She is the dawn, the sunset, the warm rain of spring meadows, she is the breeze that ripples the surface of the dark lake in whose deeps I store my most secret dreams. She is craving, she is wisdom, she is truth. Her sisters are torture and ecstasy. And she is using the words that always render me powerless: “It’s time for chocolate”.

Dear Norton Anti-Virus, I disagree – my password “password” is 100% secure because it is counter-intuitive. Therefore no one will guess it and I won’t be hacked. Just sayin’.

BREAKING NEWS: Windows 10 secret sneeze-predicting software identified. How else could I have typed “unfabiliar” when I meant “unfamiliar”?

To procrastinate or not, now that’s one I need to mull over.

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