More Ben-isms: Round Five!

BEN-HI have formed a meaningful relationship with my basil plant and named it Faulty. I can’t bring myself to use its leaves in tomato and basil salads any more. The clincher is it whispered “thank you”.

I just had a powerful near death experience (“NDE”). A hearse drove past.

No one in my gym could tell me what fiddles do to get so fit.

Mimesis, hermeneutics, bricolage, heteroglossia & semiology all mastered. But only when I finally crack the semicolon, will I can call myself a writer.

I just introduced my basil plant to the joys of camomile tea (served at room temp) as I’m told it will add green to its pale leaves. It asked for 2 sugars…

Allow a picture the space to breathe.

Why does my slow cooker have a “fast” button on it?

Two to go on my Saturday task list: iron a shirt and propose an alternative (quasi-Diophantine) proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Pseudo-philosophical insight of the day: the larger the avocado, the bigger the stone.

The best advice I’ve ever heard? Never take advice.

I submitted the manuscript of my revolutionary, can’t-fail dieting book but the publisher thought that at 5 words, it was a little short. So here it is for free: 1) Only prepare food you hate. 2) I am now researching content for the sequel.

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