More Ben-isms: Round Three!


Did you hear about the New Orleans-based campanologists who named themselves the ‘Southern Bells’? It has a certain ring to it.

In boxing (& life), there are three moments when you can land a blow on your opponent: before he punches, as he punches & after he punches.

I have FINALLY worked out how to put on a duvet cover! (Problem is, I’ve lost my TV).

OMG – I so have a poltergeist! Opened a window & within 10 secs a door slammed. Closed the window & peace. Sorry I made you cold Mr Ghost.

Someone emailed me at 9.30 asking if we could talk about 12. I said no because it didn’t sound like an interesting topic.

Took me half an hour to find just the right word. But it was worth it.

My raging hunger is insufficient to overcome the searing brutality of the chilli in my chilli.

I think of love as soul glue…

Anagrams of my name: ban ringlets, nestling bra, grab Lent sin, Lab rents gin, nab ten girls, bar gents nil, gal bins rent, sent blaring.

In summer the wind uses a different voice.

Have you noticed how the surf burbles and shuffs with your heartbeat?

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