Ben-isms: New Round-up

I bought two yoga mats today – because I am doubly serious about getting in shape.

Do benthic holothurians make good pets?

New Year’s Resolution Update: on day two of fast. So why am I thinking so slow?

A true nihilist cannot believe in nihilism.

Tis a lonely existence a writer being, of other people I do little seeing.

Top Tip: if someone tells you your prose reads badly, explain it’s an unformatted contemporary poem.

I am launching “Chocaholics Anonymous” – if you want to join, please don’t contact me.

When I realised it’s impossible to be all things to all people, I decided to be nothing to no one.

I have narrowed down the ID of the spider under my carpet to two species: it’s either a false widow, or a false false widow.

I literally use ‘literally’ too literally.

Nothing is more certain than uncertainty.

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